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  Claims Adjusters
  Field Adjusters
  Subrogation Teams
  Legal Firms
  Fraud Investigators
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Who Uses AccidentDiagrams.com


High Volume - AccidentDiagrams.com was designed with medium to large insurance carriers and groups with 10 or more employees with a high volume of auto claims. In this scenario users have access to high-bandwidth network connections and are filing multiple claims simultaneously. High volume, rapid deployment and ease of use are keys to gaining a rapid return on using AccidentDiagrams.com.

Companies with highly distributed employees using low-bandwidth conections, remote laptops or those with lower claims volumes may find more value in licensing software for each user. Professional investigators, accident reconstructionists and fraud investigators typically will want the additional features found in the Claims Edition of Vista Express Investigator Suite.

Users Benefits
Claims Agents

High Volume users typically suplimenting case files with detailed diagrams resulting from accident claim filings. Here, ease of use and rapid development are key. Results:

- Diagrams created in under 15 minutes, saving time spent hand-drawing the diagram
- Supliments a case file with facts gathered from the case
- Improved diagram quality builds a case file/evidence should the case be contested

Subrogation & Legal Teams

Disputed cases are being reviewed and prepared for arbitration or litigation. Case materials must look their best. A professional-looking diagram can make the differnece in how the case is viewed from your company's perspective. Results:

- A professional-looking diagram enhances the case file presentation.
- Any
- Detailed case file is built should the case go to arbitration or to court

Private & Fraud Investigators
These individuals require details and evidence building tools to clarify case abibuities or to detect fraud. Accuracy and details are needed to enhance thier investigation. Results:

- Build a snap-shot of an investigation and add detailed diagrams
- Quality and detail improves over hand sketching; supliments a case file with facts
- Advanced drawing tools may be required, consider licensed versions of Vista Express

Field Adjusters
On the scene, they can accurately diagram a scene at the source and record information while still fresh in the minds of the participants. Results:

- Save time and improve quality over hand-drawn diagrams
- Professional-looking diagrams, with scene details that explain the incident
- Detailed case file is built should the case go to arbitration or to court

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