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Here's your chance to try for yourself. Simply log on to the server using our guest account information provided below.

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Password: tuser

Application Notes:

The drawing application is a robust program that is loading into your web browser. Depending on your system hardware and connection speed, the application may take a few minutes to load. Please be patient, once it is loaded you will

After the application loads, you will want create a diagram - we suggest that you use the Scene Wizard or SmartRoad Wizards to start. Next, load the "Vehicle Object Library" on the right side of the interface to begin dropping in objects onto your scene.

Be sure to "Save" the diagram. Then Exit the drawing application and use the Management Console, running in the background, to Print out your creation.

Tech Note: System Requirements

To utilize you will need Windows Explorer 6.0 or greater and a Windows .NET web component. When you login, auto-detects if you have these components and will notify you if you lack either one.

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