Subscriber Plans is designed to tier pricing of each diagram based on the volume of diagrams created. Firms which use the service more frequently are rewarded with lower per-diagram pricing. reward firms with high-volume case loads - because it allows users to quickly and easily create diagrams and build up the credibility of the cases should they need be presented in court, arbitration or subrogation.

Annual Plan
Measure and track monthly volume and apply discounts ; Volume pricing pays off with greater return, diagram costs drop as each tier is reached and apply towards those

Tiered Pricing Structure
Pricing is based on the number of diagrams completed throughout the year and the per-diagram price decreases with an increase in volume. Each month the total volume is calculated and the discounts apply to diagrams created going forward from that point in time. Short answer - as the number of diagrams increases, the price will decrease as each tier is reached.

Internal Costs - IT Savings - Potential Case Winnings
With diagrams as low as $10 per diagram the costs are negligible compared the time saved creating the diagram, the "professional look" of an attachment to a case that can potentially win cases for you, and lastly, the costs you save in Not having to buy additional hardware or software to draw the diagrams.

In many cases, adjusters can assign the costs of the case directly to the case file, rather than as a bottom-line cost applied to the business unit- further driving down costs to those already being saved without the additional IT overhead (software/hardware) to manage.

Plan Volume Diagram Pricing
High Volume
Typically a large national insurance carrier, with multiple offices

15,000-40,000+ diagrams per year

1,250-3,000+ per month

$10 per diagram

For volumes exceeding this tier, custom pricing would apply, please call for details

Mid Volume
National or Regional carriers


250-1,250 diagrams per month

$12-15 per diagram

Two tiers for average volume companies

Basic Volume
Regional carriers, Legal Firms and Subrogation Firms


A range of 17- 250 diagrams per month

$20-25 per diagram

Entry Level
Low monthly volume

0-199 diagrams per year

About 16 diagrams per month

$35 per diagram

If your company produces any fewer diagrams, then consider purchasing licensed software.


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