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How It Works: diagram


After the drawing application loads, users can choose to create a diagram from scratch, open an existing diagram template, or use the available Wizards to create their scene. The user interface is intuitve and easy to use - icons represent available tools and and the left-hand portion of the screen shows the available object libraries that allow users to drag and drop directly onto the sceen.

A simple scene, such as this one below would take a typical user less than 3 minutes to create. The result is a polished diagram, ready for printing.

The AccidentDiagram.com server holds all of the files created. Larger Corporations will appreciate the management features of being able to manage multiple users

Tech Note: System Requirements

To utilize AccidentDiagrams.com you will need Windows Explorer 6.0 or greater and a Windows .NET web component. When you login, AccidentDiagrams.com auto-detects if you have these components and will notify you if you lack either one.

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